The Method

Fitness routines are like opinions: Everyone has one they think is right. But do they try to really find what is right for YOU? Chances are, they haven’t. What’s worse, certain portions of the fitness world can be cult-like. With methods that are sink-or-swim and not cut-to-fit for the trainee in question. People come in a variety of shapes, sizes, abilities, needs and wants. As such, we’ll figure out a routine for you, together. Not some canned ham regimen out of a magazine…but something to help you get your feet wet and safely get to that next level.

• Customized exercise programming
• Goal-based progression
• Sport-specific training
• General Fitness
• First timers
• Program tune-ups

As a client you can expect:

• One-on-one attention and actual TEACHING.
• Uninterrupted workout time, not treadmill warm-ups billed at a premium.
• Considerations towards physical restrictions and medical history.
• To know the rationale behind the program
• Logical progression with emphasis on foundational training all the way to advanced movements.
• To build a safe, controlled and efficient mechanical foundation
• Calm and relaxed instruction, NOT a drill sergeant’s manner
• Scaleable/transferable movements usable in any gym